DUT/723 Bun & Bagel Slicer

Features Include:

  • Ideal for on-premise slicing of Bread Products
  • Cleanly slices bagels and buns with ease.
  • Compact, robust design for ease of operation
  • Safe, efficient alternative to slicing by hand
  • Separate ON/Off Buttons for easy startup/shut down
  • Ergonomic slice height feature allows for easy, accurate and repeatable adjustment
  • Blade cover includes access point to clean the underside of the blade without removing
  • Blade safety guard incorporates automatic powerdown feature when removed
  • Gentle-touch exit door slows sliced product from chute protecting soft products from damage
  • Optional return chute saves space, creates a production system and is excellent in slice to order operation where pre-slicing for sandwiches is common.
  • Made in the USA